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Other Rooms

We design furniture around the space and the storage needed, not the other way around; For example, all of our wardrobes are bespoke, made to order and can fit into the most difficult of spaces. Contemporary or traditional, we have styles to suit any taste or space along with clever storage to make the most of your space. As well as wardrobes, we also design and supply offices, media furniture and have even built a large library to house a massive music collection.


Our designers love a challenge and we enjoy making your ideas come to life.

Living Solutions

Install and Support

We are used to coordinating the supply of expertise needed to support your project needs. It’s your choice as to how much support you require or need from us. For installation, we work with selected tradespeople who know how to pay attention to detail, ensuring that your new space not only looks great, but stands the test of time. We can also support building work to remodel your space including work to remove or re-position walls, doors and windows. This can include help to organise those trades people including plastering, plumbing, electrical and decoration. And of course where necessary, gas and electrical work will be fully certified.

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